Ant Hill 25 Pegboard

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Ant the Hill is a Pegboard hocheffizientes Training for Climbers, fighter, triathlete or all of the conditioned body a holistic brauchen.das Training is very simple but incredibly fordernd. using the Sticks) (Rolls hangelt you raise the Board shall be the body, this is for the period to be held in one Arm of a Stick attached to the following port of destination. during the time of the Einarmhängens is at hand, Arm, shoulder, back, chest and abdomen enormous beansprucht. by the cyclical Einarmhängen Pegboarding which is more than, for example, Klimmziehen.

the basic principle of the above. Pegboardings Hangeln bottom Training but can still be improved by adding each Höhenstufe a Extraklimmzug is lodged or rauf- and combines runterhangeln inlet

manufacturing and Material:

the Ant 25 Hill Pegboard of US is completely Hand in Kuchl in Salzburg made of high-grade plywood construction with either individual treatment will be concluded with a natural oil eingelassen. The Sticks are made from Certified Beech Wooden Scoop that we of the Brandenburg Holzspezialisten einkaufen.



Box contents:


1 Ant 25 Hill Pegboard

2 Buchenvollholzsticks

2 Spax Screws Stainless Steel *

2 Stainless Steel Washers *

2 TOX Plastic Pegs

1 *cleaning



Befestigungtechnik * For solid brick or wooden stud walls ausgelegt. to “soft” Rigips surfaces such as comparable Innenausbauplatten or may not be screwed Pegboard the Grundfestigkeit because this is not guaranteed.

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